As more vaccinated people ends up in hospitals and particularly at the ICU, global doubts raise about the effectiveness of the Covid vaccination programs.

It is without discussion that the jab gives a false sense of security since vaccinated people, despite they can transmit the virus, get almost uncompromised access to mass gatherings and services.

It all began with the lie that vaccinated people cannot transmit the virus.

Remember? Nowadays we now know better.

In countries with a high vaccination level, vaccinated people with a Corona pass are the biggest disseminators of the virus.

In the beginning there was the incorrect statement that vaccinated people cannot easily transmit the virus and will not get Covid as severe as unvaccinated patients.

Many hospitals report more vaccinated as unvaccinated people in their ICU’s. This is mainly because in a lot of countries there are simply more vaccinated as unvaccinated people. Hospitals in Israel are overwhelmed with vaccinated patients only.

Will booster jabs help us out of the woods? I believe not.

The whole thing looks like a criminal conspiracy as it now turns out that data about the effectiveness of Pfizer was falsified. Did they lure us into something that isn’t that good after all?

BMJ one of the highest ranked medical journals published an incendiary report about the trials surrounding the introduction of the Pfizer Covid jab.

Mrs. Brook Jackson, A former regional director at the Ventavia Research group that was involved in the pivotal Pfizer trial reveiled to the BMJ that faked data, blind trial failures, not qualified vaccinators and a slow follow-up on adverse reactions surrounded the phase-three trial of Pfizer’s Covid jab.

The whistleblower was immediately fired after telling the FDA about the falsified data and the mess that the trial surrounded.

She had to go with the argument that she “did not fit” in the organisation.

In her complaint to the FDA she talked about “participants being placed in a hallway after injection and not being monitored by clinical staff. Further to this, there was a lack of timely follow-up of patients who experienced adverse events, protocol deviations were not reported, vaccines not stored at proper temperatures and last but not least mislabeled laboratory specimens”

Former colleagues confirmed anonymously to the BMJ what Mrs. Jackson brought on the table.

One of them called the Ventavia Pfizer trial a “helter-skelter” work environment. The things that were allowed and expected were not in line with processes required to generate good clean data. The employee called it “a crazy mess”

A second former employee confirmed the complaints, describing the environment at Ventavia as unprecedented and unlike anything seen before. It was also alleged that, shortly after Jackson was fired, Pfizer was notified of serious problems with the vaccine trial at Ventavia and that an audit took place.

In December 2020, the FDA advisory committee was possibly misled as with the application for emergency approval was nothing filed about the mentioned problems.

There was also poor inspection.

As in August this year the FDA granted full approval for the Pfizer inocculation only 9 of 153 trial sites had been inspected.

The latest is that US President Biden will fine business in America up to $ 14.000 for each unvaccinated worker. The new legislation will be in place by January 4.

For all Americans, it will become a choice between vaccination and putting food on the table. Repeat offenders will face fines up to $ 136.532.