Is the last swan song for the Corona pandemic in sight? Experts now believe that COVID-19 is in its final days. At least in the United States, herd immunity can be achieved during summer.

Up to 30% of the population may already carry COVID-19 antibodies. The rest will be vaccinated by July.

This is wat Dr. Monica Gandhi of the University of California says.

Despite official numbers, suggesting 8.2% of all Americans have been infected, the real number is most likely three times higher and count for at least 30 % of the population have been infected.

To achieve herd immunity, another 40% of the citizens would have to be vaccinated.

Not all, but most scientists believe that at least 70 people will have to be immunized or infected before the United States faces real herd immunity.

The news comes as recently worldwide numbers have fallen.

Dr. Gandhi said that we’re gonna keep having natural infection, but we’d rather get there by vaccines. Its better to use a vaccin as people falling ill.

The dropping numbers don’t mask the fact that the number of deaths remain high as at the same time the other reality is that newly confirmed cases and hospitalizations dropped over the last several weeks.