Britain might be on the verge of a new referendum as Mrs. May fails to get a better deal with the EU.

To prevent a massive defeat in parliament, the long awaited Brexit vote for today has been cancelled. Instead of the crucial vote, the PM is now traveling around Europe to get a better deal. This round trip is ahead of an emergency meeting with EU leaders this Thursday.

The entire Brexit is an ongoing conundrum. An endless story with presumably no happy end. Amid a looming Brexit chaos there is a deep fear for shortages as the open borders will be closed. Hospitals began storing vital medicine just in case.

According to European Council President Donald Tusk and other EU premium lawmakers, the current deal is not subject to negotiations.

It is all about the free trade back stop regarding the border between British Northern Ireland and Ireland in case there is a “no deal” situation. The terms of this back stop, are not negotiable. Therefore, as long there is no deal, the entire U.K. theoretically will be tied to the European Union for an indefinite period of time.

In the meanwhile, the P.M. is fighting for her political life. It is almost unavoidable that sooner or later a no confidence vote will take place leaving England in big havoc.

A new referendum will be disastrous. Many Britons are fed up about the whole thing and it looks like a majority of referendum voters is now in favor of staying in the European Union.