While Boris Johnson, UK minister of foreign affairs is warning that the Brexit negotiations are on the verge of melting down, another shock comes from the United States. Donald Trump doesn’t like the British prime minister.

With calling her a “school mistress” the so called special relationship between America and the UK seems to be gone with the wind. England needs the United States desperately as the business relationship with the EU, and no agreement in sight, is tearing down.

Instead of a bilateral meeting with Mrs. Theresa May at the G7 in Canada, Donald Trump is meeting face to face with the French President Macron.

It is rumored that in America irritation is mounting up about the school mistress tone from Theresa May.

The potus is completely fed up with Mrs. May. She is merely focusing on policy discussions instead of a normal conversation. The American President has the feeling that May is trying to take advantage of the long standing special relationship between Britain and the US.

A former White House official who was present in meetings between Trump and May signaled no recognizable tensions however “she is basically behaving as a school mistress”

Let me add to it that her voice sometimes even sounds like a school mistress.

The White House official doubt anyone gets on well with her.

Particularly her increasing demands and publicly condemnation of acts from the US president is putting a strain on the relationship.

The U.S. president is unmistakably annoyed that May publicly condemns his actions. Alongside this irritation, Mrs. May is considered as being too politically correct.

Trumps feelings and thinkings of the British prime minister is a blow for the U.K. government who hopes to strike a post Brexit trade deal with the United States. This to compensate lost business in Europe that could occur after Brexit.

How promising it was. As the first world leader the British Prime Minister visited Mr. Trump. But what looked like a sunny working together ended in an endless struggle to form a close political relationship. They simply don’t like each other.

Another agitation is Mrs. May blasting Donald Trump for trying to bring Vladimir Putin back as a G7 member. The Russian president was kicked out after annexing Crimea.

I believe that especially in Europe, politicians should keep in mind that a majority of the Crimean people are in favor being part of Russia. At the same time Crimean’s have not any positive feeling for the European Union.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are real leaders. I honestly cannot find any substantial leader in Europe. I never heard someone in Brussels declaring that the EU’s aim is to operate in the benefit of the European people.

There is absolutely no “good for Europe” like “good for America”

The only thing European politicians are able to is making life uneasy, grabbing peoples money with more and more taxes and creating more or less illegal laws behind the back of the population, just to border Europe’s inhabitants.

European voters are over and over again massively ignored. In America a vote counts. In Europe certainly not. It’s a dictatorial territory. Look at how politicians ignored the outcome of several referendums. It was all in vain.

Therefore, the UK’s decision to leave the EU is the right one. It is a pity that it seems we currently do not have politicians powerful enough to better negotiate Brexit. A Trump like approach is highly recommended.