COVID-19 a lethal, fraudulent media hoax as never seen before

What we know is the fact that COVID-19 is not more deadly and dangerous than any other moderate flu.

As curfew rules ruined lives and the world economy (the worst is yet to come), the trivial question is what will happen as next year and the years after other viruses appear. Will we ever be free?

It is evident that Corona is a media hoax originally fabricated by irresponsible health officials.

In the meanwhile, more and more scientists, even TV personality Professor Brian Cox, take distance from government responses. They fear that politics will ultimately put the blame for the devastating approach on science.

It seems that politicians have one goal only: Total disruption of society to realize a worldwide totalitarian regime. There is no other logical explanation.

The Black Lives Matter demonstrations are certainly not just about racial bias only. It is exploding anger as people under siege of totalitarian governments are locked up in their homes without perspective to lead ever a normal life. Politicians speculate openly that this situation might be permanent. Back to a new normal only.

Forever? What the heck is going on?

Friday night, the state sponsored BBC heavily announced over 40.000 Corona deaths in Britain.

In a highly explosive funeral like newscast, they aired (again) a gallery of ‘fame’ with most very old COVID-19 victims, many over 90 and 100 years old. The few younger ones, mostly suffered underlying health problems or patients with a high virus load, due to extreme rare over exposure.

What BBC News forgot to mention is that in 2017 Britain counted over 50.000 fatal flu victims.

No lock down in 2017, no daily updates and listings like the results during a sports event.

As soon as the postmortem is behind us, it will be clear that Corona was less than the flu in a bad year.

Also in America and other European countries, COVID-19 causes fewer fatalities as the flu in earlier years the media are silent about. The Netherlands registered over 10.000 flu deaths in 2017. Almost double the numbers of Corona victims so far.

It’s frightening to see that even President Trump seems powerless against the evil media forces bringing fake news like CNN. As most other media, CNN is not telling the rest of the story. They refrain to compare the situation with other pandemics like the one in 2009.

The Cable News Network is no longer as it was during the eighties as our office provided network development services for Turner Broadcasting in London.

We were proud to work for CNN. The first broadcaster on earth bringing news 24 hours a day.

Today, CNN turned into an evil outlet with an anti-Trump syndrome. How unprofessional can it be? CNN reporters better seek professional help to get them mentally back on the right track.

Am I right about the Corona hoax? Yes, I am.

A recent Stanford University antibody study estimated the fatality rate from COVID-19 is likely 0.1% to 0.2%.

The media ‘of course’ neglected the Stanford study. Why?

Look at the numbers.

In New York, the epicenter of the pandemic, the fatality death rate for citizens 18 to 45 years from Corona is only 0.01 percent or in other words 10 per 100.000 A group of people with an age of 75 or older suffer a death rate 80 times higher. Children below 18 show a death rate of zero per 100.000

In Europe, over 50 percent of the Corona deaths happened in long-term care or nursing home facilities. In the U.S., it is 20 percent.

Almost all patients hospitalized for the coronavirus in New York City were very old or suffered underlying health conditions.

According the American Medical Association health records from 5,700 patients hospitalized within the Northwell Health system (which accommodated the most patients in the country throughout the pandemic) show that 94 percent of patients had more than one underlying disease other than COVID-19

It emerged that 42% of the patients were overweight and 53% had hypertension. The rest suffered from a variety of illnesses.

In England, The Daily Mail reported earlier that ‘coronavirus may kill 70 times fewer patients than official UK death figures suggest, studies have shown’ The newspaper said a similar fatality rate was found in a study of residents in Helsinki, Finland.

The media has been exaggerating COVID-19 since the very beginning, alarming society to the point where they voluntarily went along with shutting down the entire economies. An unforgivable mistake that will likely reverberate for a decade or longer.

Irresponsible media outlets should brought to justice and held accountable for reckless behavior not to perform fact finding, only believe idiots like politicians and representative from health care systems unable to cope with a little more patients due years of underinvestment.

It is organized crime to disrupt with this deliberately created fraud countless livelihoods and causing a myriad of non-Corona related physical and psychological illnesses and deaths.

German court bombshell as end of EU nears

The German top court decision on May 5 about the money printing and laundering practices of the ECB sparked fury in Brussels.

Germany is fed up with the ECB practices that mainly facilitates failing EU states as Italy and Spain. The top court ruled that the mass bond buying (quantitative easing with money that does not exist) to stabilize the Eurozone is a violation of the German constitution.

The verdict caused shockwaves in Brussels.

Last weekend, The European Commission threatened Germany 2 times on a row that ‘The final word on EU law is always spoken in Luxembourg’

The EC warns for an institutional crisis on the continent. This all amid the deepest recession in a century.

The historic German court decision might trigger the opening a legal box of Pandora as it challenges and compromise the jurisdiction of EU judges whose rulings are binding across the 27 EU states.

Insiders believe that it is not a matter of if but when other European countries will follow the UK and leave the block.

The end of the EU would be the second annihilation of a totalitarian empire not seen since the end of the Soviet Union.

It seems that many Europeans already forgot what the Spanish dictators did to Catalonia. A democratic vote for independence turned out in jail terms for politicians involved. In addition, don’t forget that since last summer Spain is abandoning tourism from the rest of Europe. Many Britons with a second home in Spain live in fear.

In Italy, Western Europe’s number one corrupt country, entrepreneurs massively go bust. Due to the COVID-19 virus, the government forced business to close while entrepreneurs do not find any understanding at the tax office. No mercy or delay in tax payments at all.

Big Car Crash Caused By a Virus, Mayhem for Musk

Driving a Tesla is not the real driving experience.  Different from e.g. BMW and other premium brands, Tesla cars feel and look cheap. Particularly the interior. I believe this car is definitely not worth the price.

And that’s not all. It is a wide spread misconception that electric (battery powered) cars contribute to a better environment. They don’t.

Few people are aware that, every time the battery is on the charger, only 50% of the charging energy arrives in the battery. The rest disappears as heath in thin air.  A very inefficient process. Spoiling so much energy.

The mainstream media are silent about the environmental burden of the Lithium Ion batteries. It is enormously.

Tesla and other EV manufactures must feel uneasy as an increasing number of parking lots refuse Tesla drivers access since there is an increased risk of fire. It is almost impossible to extinguish a burning Tesla instantly.  A Tesla on fire can burn for days.

If you wanna drive electric, for the sake of a longer range, not coping with the hassle of time consuming recharging and environmental sustainability, be smart and buy a Hydrogen powered car. The battery car era will soon end.

It is a misconception that driving a Tesla is for the rich. Certainly not.

Until January 2020,  sales were soaring. Thanks to worldwide tax incentives only. Especially business drivers decided to make the switch into these electric vehicles.

However, since COVID-19 spread through the planet, the EV fairytale suddenly ends. At least for the foreseeable future.

Politicians predict that, even after Corona, the world will never be the same. There will be no return to normal. This is the most negative and scary statement I have ever heard and I don’t believe it.

However, going back to normal or not; the Corona havoc can cause the abrupt end of the State sponsored Tesla success story.

Since COVID-19 strikes, taxpayer’s money vaporized. Governments are running out of cash.

It is unlikely that failed states and cities will continue subsidizing the EV industry. In many places, driving is now prohibited or restricted. Who wants to buy new wheels?

The COVID-19 emergency stop brings Elon Musk with both feet on the ground.

As last week Tesla stocks tumbled, Elon Musk went mad. On Twitter, the desperate CEO announced that his company’s stock price is too high and had in mind to sell of his physical possessions.

Earlier, the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission sued Elon Musk after manipulating the stock market with a tweet that he had funding secured to take Tesla stocks private at 420 dollar per share.

According to U.S. media, in the world of Cannabis smokers, the date 4-20 or in European format the 20th of April is a national holiday.

As we all look forward getting back to normal, it is highly unlikely that the Tesla boss ever get back to normal.

If we solve the COVID-19 plague, we end up in jail

Have you ever wondered why some people die almost instantly and many others get no or mild symptoms after attracting the COVID-19 virus? It is all about genetics.

It is our very individual genetic makeup that determines how we handle viruses. Of course, it is not genetics only.

In addition, factors like age and underlying health conditions play their part.

However, primarily it is nothing else than genetics that decides the way your body’s defense system works.

Nowadays, we successfully can correct genetic anomalies with the CRISPR CAS method, but politicians prevent us from doing so.

We are able to modify the human DNA responsible for the body defense system. Scientists can give humans protection against viruses but the consequences are severe.

Modifying DNA can protect us from a wide variety of viruses. We can do it today.

Last year, Chinese scientist He Jiankui was send to prison and got a fine of $ 430.000 after editing baby’s genes to make them HIV resistant

There was a worldwide “oh..ah..” as the scientist announced his experiments after the birth of twin babies last November.

The local court in Shenzhen explained the verdict that the scientist had acted “in the pursuit of personal fame and gain” and he had seriously “disrupted medical order. He crossed the bottom line of ethics in scientific research and medical ethics”

However, did he and his fellow colleagues really do so?

Isn’t it great to make humankind less vulnerable for diseases and live a better life?

The stance against a genetic solution could be a conspiracy between corrupt governments and Big Pharma as healthier humans use tremendously less medication.

There is no religious argument against making physically better humans. God asks us to explore and keep the benefits.

COVID-19 is not human made. It is a virus in a normal periodical sequence from nature to cope with matters as overpopulation and survival of the fittest.

The untold truth about COVID-19 is that it is persistent as HIV. In other words, the virus could possibly stay with the patient forever.

There is evidence for that as in South Korea a growing number of COVID-19 patients tested positive again after an earlier recovery.

Last week, it emerged that 163 patients tested positive again weeks after a full recovery. Those patients are now back in isolation.

To find out reasons for relapse, South Korean health authorities are running a range of tests and vetting a wide range of scenarios.

Authorities say that some relapsed patients may have active viruses that make them sick again. As of Friday last week, at least 61 developed symptoms, albeit mild.

Waiting for definitive answers Korean authorities are for now advising recovered patients to stay home for an additional two weeks and go on monitoring for symptoms.



COVID-19; The Big Crippled Health Care Cover Up

The COVID-19 lock down in many countries is no more than a cover up for failing, based world wide state sponsored health care systems, not capable to cope with demand.

Before we even heard about COVID-19, hospitals in Britain, suffered with under capacity.

It appears that fake media journalists have again a short and selective memory.

The “brave” reporters obviously forgot the heartbreaking images of Jack Williment, a 4 year old boy, last December with suspected pneumonia, sleeping on a British hospital floor. This all due to a lack of beds.

The boy was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary by an ambulance after falling ill.

His mother, claimed that her son was left in a clinical treatment room for more than four hours, lying on a pile of coats on the floor of the room with an oxygen mask on.

The young patient was eventually diagnosed with flu and tonsillitis, lying and almost dying on the hospital floor.

It is no secret that the NHS is in an ongoing crisis as many of the health systems in the rest of Europe are.

We learned that in The Netherlands, patients in major parts of the country, must do without a GP during night and weekend hours.

For years, as well as in many other European countries, there are waiting lists as patients seek treatment because most medical staff is working 3 or 4 days a week only.

A media outlet disclosed that a Dutch specialist shockingly advised elderly people with an underlying health condition and grim outlook to think twice before calling a doctor. This advice came to free ICU capacity for patients with a better perspective.

For the most of us, COVID-19 is no greater risk than any other seasonal flu.

What makes politicians all round the globe scary is the fast spread of the virus. COVID-19 is more contagious than the average flu.

This can cause logistic problems especially in countries with a vulnerable health care system. That’s all.

To seek support for the wide spread lock downs, officials in various countries massively mislead the media with incomplete data. Day in, day out.

Daily mortality rates are worthless since we do not know how many people really are infected. Just a small part of the population is tested.

What we know is that high amount of infected patients is carrying the virus or have anti bodies without symptoms.

That gives solid ground to believe that COVID-19 is not more deadly than a seasonal flu.

As most mainstream media continue scaremongering, there is almost no report about the many patients carrying the virus, showing no symptoms at all or minor symptoms only.

Last week, bombshell data came from Iceland, the only country in the world with large scale testing for the Corona virus. It shows that at least 50% infected did not have any symptoms at all.

I believe COVID-19 already caused mass immunity. This happened during the first massive incubation period from mid-February until the end of March.

Let’s save the world’s economy and stop locking up citizens in their homes and ruining business. It is unacceptable to sacrifice the world economy for protecting malfunctioning health care systems against bad publicity.

This should not prevent us from taking all necessary steps to halt spreading the virus. Let’s take care of the elderly people and those at risk with an underlying health condition.