We know that since the very beginning of this planet, over billions of years, earth faced warmer and colder periods. Even during the more “recent” Medieval Warm Period a comparatively warmer climate episode occurred. Those were times without man made machines producing greenhouse gases. It was completely natural.

It is no surprise that scientists increasingly disagree about how “man- made” current climate changes really are.

With the help of very sophisticated, high level artificial intelligence, Australian biologist Jenniffer Morohasy together with computer scientist John Abbot draw their conclusions. Climate change is definitely not caused by CO2.

This shocking outcome was the result of calculations using so called advanced computer neural network technology. This revolutionary computer technique makes it possible to perform advanced calculations beyond standard computer models.

They found that climate change the world today is experiencing is for the most part completely natural. In other words it has nothing to do with CO2 production through human activities.

These findings were recently published in the scientific magazine GeoResJ

Although, for the moment, many scientists around the globe have reached a different consensus on global warming. They believe the self-produced Fairy Tale it is happening because humans eject too much CO2 into the atmosphere.

According to Marohasy and Abbot, this consensus is built on quicksand. A faulty base of axiom’s dating back almost a century ago. A time when research took place to learn about the heat absorption potential of carbon dioxide.

They argue that since that time little additional research has been done and now we arrived in the reality that there is no sufficient evidence to prove that carbon dioxide has the ability to impact world temperatures.

To get things clear, the two scientists began collecting data from prior studies that offered a means of temperature reading over the past 2000 years—tree rings, coral cores etc.

They fed all data into an artificial intelligence, neural network. This system was earlier successfully used to predict rainfall patterns in Australia.

But the neural network computer is also able to produce predictions by looking at other patterns and learning about given situations; in this particular case, worldwide temperature statistics over a length of 2000 years.

What the astonished researcher’s found was that the computer predicted no differences in temperature whether it was with or without the carbon dioxide component.

As mentioned, they also note that there was a time known as the Medieval Warm Period that ran from approximately 986 to 1234, when temperatures were roughly equal to those today.

This is valuable evidence that the planet would have heated up to the temperature it has regardless the influence of 100 years of (human) artificial produced carbon dioxide.

Further they remarked that their results also show global temperature averages declining since 1980.

No reason for alarm because the global warming we are now experiencing seems to be mostly naturally. It will likely abate in a way just as it went in the past.

I believe climate change is generally caused by fluctuations in solar activity and other cosmic circumstances. It is as natural as the seasons. Humans should not try to influence these normal processes.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with attempts to make the world cleaner and efforts to take care of scarce natural resources.